Aura M3 is here BABY!!!

A release before the end of the world! LOL
After much hard work we present, The Aura M3 LiveCD and Installer, weighing in at just under 16MB

Aura GUI (Deathstar) Features:
Translucent windows
Native Dos application support for menu’s
Wattcp Kernel Integration
Batchinator 5000 (batch script creator)
myIP Network Application
Aura M3 Setup Application (Now with integrated fdisk and format support. Updates can also be downloaded from here as well.)
Filesharing “dropbox” (alpha)

Doscore (Avalon) Features
AC97, VIA, Soundblaster, ESSAudio autodetection (the same way the NIC’s are detected)
Network Driver support updated (Automated networking scripts that can be run via netdock)
Freedos Base applications updated to Release 1.1
Environment variables all updated

Wrap Up and Things to Come..
Aura M4 development has already hit alpha status. Progress is chugging along and our ‘Roadmap to M4’ remains on track. We thank you for your patience for any time delays. Our team still consists of just two developers: Chase (US) and Chelson (AU)

Thanks for the support and your feedback. Dont forget to head over to the forums and let us know what we may have missed, and if theres anything you would like included on the next release.

From all (both) of us, Peace.

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