We’re back BABY!!

Its 2017 and we’eve been on hiatus for quite some time. Today marks the end of that hiatus. JFK (Chelson) and myself are beginning development for our next major release of Aura GUI powered by Doscore, Aura M5. As the name implies, it will be our 5th major release of the software since merging our projects almost 8 years ago.

Thats all for now, Stay tuned!

Aura M3 is here BABY!!!

Aura Installer

A release before the end of the world!

Well, after much hard work and trials and tribulations we actually managed to get a live CD and Installer package all in one CD (16mb) with Doslynx & Dillo for dos also being shipped with this version not to mention a new WATTCP sample app “myIP” which is a proof of concept app that the code is now intergrated into the kernel.

Aura GUI (Deathstar)Features:

Translucent windows (netdock can also but disabled)
Native Dos application support for menu’s
Wattcp Kernel & Application support.
Batchinator 5000 (batch script creator & excuter)
myIP Network Application
Aura M3 Setup Application (withj fdisk and format support & capable of downloading updates)
filesharing “dropbox” (still buggy)

Doscore (Avalon) Features

AC97, VIA, Soundblaster, ESSAudio autodetection (the same way the NIC’s are detected)
Network Driver support updated (aswell as Automated networking scripts that can be run via netdock)
Freedos Applications all updated to Offcial release 1.1
Enviromental varibles all updated

Aura M3 wrap up & things to come..
These may not seem like huge changes but i can assure you that this all takes time and with a development team of only 2 people Chase (US) And Chelson (AUS) we are on different time zones and seasons and co-ordinating this project can be bit of a pain in the arse at times and we thank you for being patient with us.

Aura Milestone really is the biggest release ever from Finncomputers and Doscore as we have been dreaming of having a GUI for freedos that has automated driver detection and networking applications from the get go like many modern operating systems. This journey to this point has taken 4 years and soooo much research and we really do hope you like it.


Ok now before you ask.. YES it runs dos apps… we have tested a few but not many…. so please report what works and what doesnt work to the forums!

we can now give aura m3 live updates so that once installed on your PC we can ship the changes out to you very easy.

Updates & Milestone 4 Coming Soon…?

Ok as you know we only really get one release out every year if we can..so expect M4 may be quicker or longer in development and we will keep you posted on its development.

we actually have a hole bunch of half buit applications that support the wattcp code but like i said it takes time etc.. The first app you can expect to come out is an HTTP Retriever application which i am aiming for a july release. By the time july swings around we should have enough feedback for M3 to make an updated CD and make the changes.